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VIP Line

VIP Line

Removal fat

Already 35 years of cosmetic vehicles VIP Line following the path of evolution and progress.

On the "gymnastics for the lazy", developed for the treatment of muscular atrophy as a result of weightlessness during space travel, heard many. Today, that space technology is used in the apparatus of "VIP Line Transion" - only on the date the unit, which besides the linear contraction of the muscles promotes torsional twist (an effect similar to the twisting of washed clothes). The result - a massive consumption of glucose from the surrounding muscles, fat depots, to restore muscle tone and removing puffiness problem areas. Procedures for Transion similar in effectiveness of the method of surgical braces, but without anesthesia and without violating the integrity of tissues. Guaranteed loss of extra inches the waist is 15-20 minutes - after the first procedure.
Staff VIP Line Isogei the ratio of effective results and costs of the procedure has no analogues. When using the apparatus in the face powerful isotonic contractions of masticatory muscles recover their tone and the sheer volume of muscles to the performance of young age. Course 10-15 procedures allows you to fully tighten resulting from age-trophic changes sagged cheeks. In the chest the best results for the course (with measurements on the nipple) - Breast lift up to 15 cm, that for non-invasive methods - a magnificent result. In the area of the buttocks - the procedure "biceps" garantmruet bright effect suspenders buttocks.
The device provides VIP Line Linfogei lymph and venous drainage, synchronized with a special probe pulse in accordance with the heart rhythm. This blood is pushed through the veins only at the opening semilunar venous valves, saving them from damage (to prevent varicose veins).
Other categories
Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Devices for hair removal and skin rejuvenation

 ●  Duet
 ●  SkinStation
 ●  no!no!
Rejuvenation skin

Rejuvenation skin

Instruments for the rejuvenation and treatment of skin

 ●  Mistral
 ●  WhisperNG
 ●  SPR
Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Removal of different color ink for tattoo and pigmentation

 ●  Sirocco Nd
Treatment of acne

Treatment of acne

Devices for the effective treatment of acne and pimples

 ●  SpaTouch II
 ●  SpaTouch Pro
 ●  CTL
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